Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease in Primary Care: Practice Guidance and Disparities

Series meets Wednesdays (weekly) from 12:00pm -1:00pm MT


This ECHO series is part of an initiative to address the urgent and persistent needs of vulnerable populations of people with diabetes, targeting those who also have chronic kidney disease (CKD). Through education, it aims to close care gaps in patients with CKD, to address disparities in care, and to recognize the important role of primary care health care professionals in intervening and managing patients with CKD. Participation in this ECHO will Improve the capacity of primary care providers to screen, diagnose and manage CKD.

The ECHO Diabetes Action Network (EDAN) works to combat systems failure for underserved patients with diabetes through education and quality improvement. EDAN has identified ECHO Colorado as a partner in implementing this ECHO program, with content designed  to amplify the call-to-action to eradicate disparities in treating diabetes and CKD.


  • Leverage the Project ECHO to expand the capacity of community health centers to deliver high-quality, equitable care to diverse, underserved patients with CKD associated with type 2 diabetes
  • Improve the capacity of primary care HCP's to screen, diagnose and manage CKD
  • Amplify the call to action to eradicate disparities in diabetes CKD screening
  • Create durable resources that enable the spread of ECHO model addressing CKD disparities

Session/Title Date
1 - Chronic Kidney Disease Disparities 9/28/2022
2 - Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support 10/5/2022
3 - Screening and Diagnosis of Diabetic CKD 10/12/2022
4 - Disparities in Diabetes Care and Patient Voice 10/19/2022
5 - Hypertension Management and CKD 10/26/2022
6 - Use of Continuous Glucose Monitors in Primary Care 11/2/2022
7 - SGLT2 Inhibitors and GLP-1 Agonists in CKD and Diabetes 11/9/2022
8 - Insulin Management in Patients with CKD and Diabetes 11/16/2022
9 - Management of CKD Complications & Dialysis Patients 11/30/2022
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