Adolescent Reproductive Health and Contraception for Nurses, Educators and Health Professionals

Series meets Thursday (weekly) from 3:30 - 4:30 PM MT


This series will review important adolescent reproductive health topics such as taking an adolescent sexual health history, minor consent and confidentiality, and STIs in teens. It will also provide an overview of available contraceptive methods, patient-centered contraceptive counseling, and strategies for addressing common concerns and side effects of birth control methods.


Describe the law in Colorado that allows adolescents to consent to their own care for reproductive health services. 
List three ways that you might initiate a conversation about birth control methods that reflects a patient-centered approach to contraceptive counseling.
Identify the key steps in early pregnancy, and the mechanism of common birth control methods to prevent pregnancy.
Identify important factors for condom use among teens.

Session/Title Date
1 - Minor consent and confidentiality, and Adolescent Reproductive Health Overview 1/27/2022
2 - STIs In Teens 2/3/2022
3 - Describe recommended STD screening for a sexually active, cis-gender female who is under the age of 25. Identify important factors for condom use among teens. 2/10/2022
4 - Long-acting Reversible Contraception 2/17/2022
5 - Combined Hormonal Contraception, Depo-Provera, and EC 2/24/2022
6 - Patient-centered Contraceptive Counseling 3/3/2022
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