Prenatal Substance Exposure Community of Practice

Series meets the fourth Tuesday of the month from 12:15pm-1:15 pm MST.


Looking to continue the conversation about prenatal substance exposure with colleagues across the state? Look no further than the Prenatal Substance Exposure ECHO Community of Practice. Communities of Practice (COP) focus on building awareness of what’s happening around specific topic areas. Regular connections create a space for ongoing conversations while building a professional network for continued learning and support. This Community of Practice is a space for those who are currently providing care to pregnant/postpartum women and/or their infants and who have already participated in an offering of the Prenatal Substance Exposure ECHO Series.  This COP will meet every month to provide feedback, support, and camaraderie to professionals doing this type of work across Colorado. In each meeting, different individuals or groups will have a chance to share their work highlighting successes and challenges they may be experiencing.


Session/Title Date
1 - Session 1 3/26/2019
2 - Session 2 4/23/2019
3 - Session 3 5/28/2019
4 - Session 4 6/25/2019
5 - Session 5 7/23/2019
6 - Session 6 8/27/2019
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